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How to use PDF fillers fillable forms creator this tool enables you to place fillable fields anywhere on a document making it even easier for anyone to fill sign and submit documents to you to open the creator open a document in the PDF filler editor and click the green fillable fields tab on the right to add a text field click the text icon then click the document to place the field you can move the field around by clicking and dragging it resize by dragging the dots around the edges and delete a field by clicking the trashcan all field types can be moved resized or deleted this way to add more fields simply click the icon again and repeat to customize a field select it then click text settings to expand options field name is an easy way for you to identify the field only you will see this text default text is text that will appear in the field when others fill the form and can be replaced unless you lock the field you can add hints or instructions for each field and they will appear whenever a user Mouse's over or selects Pat field when filling the document max characters and lines allow you to limit how much information can be put into any text field any text field can be marked as required and a warning will appear to anyone filling the form if they attempt to submit it to you with an empty required field to add a number field click the number icon then click the document to place it number fields can be customized just like a text field to add a checkbox field select the check box option and click the document to place it when you resize a checkbox field any additional checkboxes you add will automatically adopt the new size so you do not have to resize each one each check box can be formatted to fill with a check mark X or circle and set to checked or unchecked by default you can group checkboxes together by using the same group name for each box in the group when checkboxes are grouped together only one box in the group can be checked at a time this will not affect other ungroup to check boxes on the document to add a signature field click the signature icon then click the document to place it anyone filling the document can click this field and use PDF filler signature tool to sign the document to add a date field click the date icon then click the document to place it by default the date field will display the data is added to the document but it can be changed unless the field is locked you can use the drop down under the date settings to choose one of many date formats to add a photo field click the photo icon then click the document to place it anyone filling the document will be able to click this field and either upload a photo from their computer or take one with their webcam you can rearrange the order in which users navigate the fields by clicking the order tab and dragging the fields into the desired order the form can be navigated when being filled by clicking the arrows above each field or pressing tab when you're done adding...